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Yamaha Music Education System was founded in 1954 and have developed into a large worldwide recognizable system with over 190,000 students in over 40 countries all over the world. Over 5 million students have graduated from the Yamaha Music School with brilliant result..
Every year, there are many public performaces & concerts for students to participate, where they can enhance their performing ability & gain self-confidence.
So, please come and join us now.

The Yamaha music education system offers systematic and fundamental music training for children age from 3 to 10. Based on extensive experiments and researches, the Yamaha music education system embodying its own method, was established with the objective of bringing out children's potential and nurturing their capabilities to express themselves by music.


Special Features of Yamaha Music Education System
The three concepts underlying Yamaha's music education system:

1. Timely Education

Yamaha believes in the concept of Timely Music Education, to give children appropriate guidance in accordance with the different stages of their physical and mental development, so that they are able to enjoy music with ease. Under comprehensive and systematic musical training, children's potentials can be developed and their ability of concentration, analysis, creativity and memorization can be further utilized and strengthened.

2. Group Lesson

Group lesson enables children to understand and share musical experiences, making friends through exploring music together and fostering cooperativeness by participating in ensemble playing.

3. Creativity

In order to develop children's creativity, it is important to help them to acquire the ability to express themselves on their free and unrestricted mind. Yamaha music education system enhances children's sensitivity and imagination that are essential to their creativity.


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